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Russka: Halfball Plus

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Halfball Plus

The green or black Halfball Plus Air cushion As an alternative to the exercise ball promotes active sitting, adapts optimally to the body shape, has a 40 cm seat and is supplied including a hand pump to regulate the height. Combine soft and relaxed sitting with dynamism and balance with the halfball.

Healthy back through optimized ball shape.
The shape of the ball ensures a straight sitting posture thanks to the better adaptation to your body shape

  • Active sitting
  • More mobile, sportier sitting
  • Swing and trampoline effect


  • 40 cm Ø, 16 cm high
Maximum resilience
  • 120kg


  • PVC

Work towards tension.

  • Comfortable seat pad
  • Larger seat (Ø 40cm)
  • Height regulation as needed
  • Sitting soft and relaxed

You can change the amount of air according to your individual needs. With a high amount of air, the half-ball in the ground area bulges and the trampoline effect (vertical vibration effect) increases. With a small amount of air, a clear seat is created, the half-ball becomes flatter and the rocking effect increases. To reduce the amount of air, you remove the needle from the side of the handle of the pump, insert it (without a pump) into the valve and then press on the half-ball. If there is an unpleasant ball under the buttocks, you should sit on the ball further forward or change the amount of air. With a small amount of air, you can also sit on the flat side of the half-ball. To optimize the sitting posture, you should sit more in the front area of the half-ball.
A ball arch about the width of the hand then arises behind the buttocks. Most people sit too deep. The optimal, open seat angle is 110 ° to 120 ° between the trunk and thigh. By regulating the amount of air, the seat height on the half-ball can be optimized accordingly. The half-ball is a seat alternative for back training in between. You can increase your seat duration with improved training condition.


  • Green
  • Black

Care advice

  • Wipe with a damp cloth.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Half Ball
  • 1 mini pump
  • Exercise Instructions
Delivery note: Delivery in 2-3 working days within Germany.

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